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Installing Brushes into Paint Shop Pro

This tutorial explains how to add brushes to Paint Shop Pro. It should work for PSP 8, 9, X, XI, X2 (and perhaps older versions of PSP).
1: Download brushes and unzip the folder (right click on the folder and select extract all).

2: In Paint Shop Pro and go to File > Import > Custom Brush, to open up the Import Custom Brush dialogue box.

3: Click open on the Import Custom Brush dialogue box and open up the folder containing the brushes.

4: Select the brush at the top of the list, and holding down the Shift key, click the brush file at the bottom of the list, to select all the brush files.

5: In the Import Custom Brush dialogue box select Add all, and press ok.

Your brushes are now in your Brushes folder (My Documents > My psp files > Brushes).

6: To use your new brushes in Paint Shop Pro, create a New Image (File > New or Ctrl+N), and select the Brush Tool in the Tool Bar Palette.

Open up the brush tip drop down window, and select your new brushes.

Still having Problems?

Installing brushes into Paint Shop Pro can be problematic. Here are some further solutions that may help.


I’ve also found this out after some more fiddling with PSP 9. When you do all of the steps above, the .pspbrush file and the .pspscript files are seperated/moved. You need both of them together to properly import the brush. So, do this:

Follow all the steps above. If you do not see the brush in the brushes drop down window, you will find both the .pspbrush files and .pspscript files together in the PSP folder (Program Files>Jasc Software Inc>Paint Shop Pro 9). There are lots of files there, so you may need to do some searching. Move both the .pspbrush and .pspscript into a seperate folder OUTSIDE of the PSP folder. Then, in PSP, go to File>Preferences>File Locations>Add. Then, find the new folder you saved moved the .pspbrush and .pspscript to. Select it, press okay, then okay again. Your brushes should now load and be available for use. If you don’t move the original .pspbrush when you go to import it will tell you that there’s already a brush of that name in your folder.

That’s what I did and everything worked.

Any questions just ask!

Paint Shop Pro Shortcuts


A Freehand Selection tool(“lasso”)
B Paintbrush tool
D Deform tool
E Erase tool
F Fill Flood tool
G Zoom(‘magnifying glass”)
I Draw tool
J Arrow tool
K Scratch Remover tool
M Magic Wand tool
N Clone Brush tool
Q Vector Object Selection tool
R Crop tool
S Selection tool
U Airbrush tool
V Mover tool
W Overview window
X Text tool
Y Dropper tool
C Hide/Restore Color Palette
H Hide/Restore Histogram
L Hide/Restore Layer Palette
O Hide/Restore Tool Options palette
P Hide/Restore Tool Palette
T Hide/Restore Toolbar
Tab Hide/Restore floating palettes
Del Clear canvas/layer
Spacebar Step through tools
.(period) Picture Tube
,(comma) color Replacer
Shift+A Full Screen Edit
Shift+B Brightness/Contrast
Shift+C Start Capture
Shift+D Duplicate Window
Shift+E Equalize(Histogram function)
Shift+G Gamma Correction
Shift+H Hue/Saturation/Lightness
Shift+I Current Image Information
Shift+K Invert Mask
Shift+L Colorize
Shift+M Highlight/Midtone/Shadow
Shift+O Load Palette
Shift+P Edit color Palette
Shift+R Crop to Selection
Shift+S Resize Image
Shift+T Stretch (Histogram function)
Shift+U Red/Green/Blue
Shift+V View Palette Transparency
Shift+W New Window
Shift+Y Hide All(Mask)
Shift+Z Posterize
Shift+right arrow Move selection right
Shift+left arrow Move selection left
Shift+up arrow Move selection up
Shift+down arrow Move selection down
Ctrl+right arrow Move selection right
Ctrl+left arrow Move selection left
Ctrl+up arrow Move selection up
Ctrl+down arrow Move selection down
Ctrl+Shift+right arrow Move selection right 10 pixels
Ctrl+Shift+left arrow Move selection left 10 pixels
Ctrl+Shift+up arrow Move selection up 10 pixels
Ctrl+Shift+down arrow Move selection down 10 pixels
Ctrl+A Select All
Ctrl+B Browse
Ctrl+C Copy
Ctrl+D Deselect (Select none)
Ctrl+E Paste as New Selection
Ctrl+F Float Selection
Ctrl+G Paste as New Vector Selection
Ctrl+H Feather Selection
Ctrl+I Flip Image
Ctrl+K Edit Mask
Ctrl+L Paste as New Layer
Ctrl+M Mirror
Ctrl+N New file
Ctrl+O Open file
Ctrl+P Print
Ctrl+R Rotate Image
Ctrl+S Save file
Ctrl+T Set Transparent Color
Ctrl+V Paste as New Image
Ctrl+W Fit to Window
Ctrl+X Cut
Ctrl+Y Repeat
Ctrl+Z Undo
Ctrl+(layer number) Select as Current Layer
Ctrl+Alt+G toggle Grid
Ctrl+Alt+N Normal Viewing
Ctrl+Alt+R Toggle Rulers
Ctrl+Alt+V View Mask
Ctrl+Alt+Z Redo
Ctrl+F12 Save Copy As
Ctrl+Del Delete file
Shift+Ctrl+A Full Screen Preview
Shift+Ctrl+B Create Selection from a Vector Object
Shift+Ctrl+C Copy Merged Layers
Shift+Ctrl+E Paste as Transparent Selection
Shift+Ctrl+F Defloat Selection
Shift+Ctrl+H Histogram Adjustment
Shift+Ctrl+I Invert Selection
Shift+Ctrl+L Paste Into Selection
Shift+Ctrl+M Hide Selection Marquee
Shift+Ctrl+P Promote Selection to Layer
Shift+Ctrl+S Create Selection from Mask
Shift+Ctrl+T View All Tools and Windows
Shift+Ctrl+V Transparent Color (Selection)
Shift+Ctrl+Z Command History
Shift+Ctrl+1 Decrease Color Depth-2 Colors
Shift+Ctrl+2 Decrease Color Depth-16 Colors
Shift+Ctrl+3 Decrease Color Depth-256 Colors
Shift+Ctrl+4 Decrease Color Depth-32k Colors
Shift+Ctrl+5 Decrease Color Depth-64k Colors
Shift+Ctrl+6 Decrease Color Depth-X Colors
Shift+Ctrl+8 Increase Color Depth-16 Colors
Shift+Ctrl+9 Increase Color Depth-256 Colors
Shift+Ctrl+0 Increase Color Depth-16.7M Colors
Shift+Alt+D Delete Workspace
Shift+Alt+L Open Workspace
Shift+Alt+R Toggle Ruler
Shift+Alt+S Save Workspace
F5 Cycle through palette tools
F9 Cycle through active image, Tool options window and Histogram window
F12 Save As
Ctrl+F12 Save Copy As
Del Delete
F5 Refresh
Ctrl+A Select All
Ctrl+B Line Before (Node Type)
Ctrl+C Copy
Ctrl+D Select None
Ctrl+E Toggle between Edit and Drawing modes
Ctrl+F Line After (Node Type)
Ctrl+J Join selected nodes
Ctrl+K Break the curve
Ctrl+L Convert to Line (Node Type)
Ctrl+M Merge
Ctrl+Q Quit Node Edit
Ctrl+R Reverse Contour
Ctrl+S Symmetric (Node Type)
Ctrl+T Smooth/Tangent (Node Type)
Ctrl+V Paste
Ctrl+X Cusp (Node Type)
Ctrl+Z Undo
Shift+Ctrl+C Close the curve
Shift+Ctrl+R Reverse Path
Shift+Ctrl+S Asymmetric (Node Type)
Ctrl+Alt+Z Redo
Ctrl+1 Curve Before (Node Type)
Ctrl+2 Curve After (Node Type)
Ctrl+A Select All
Ctrl+B Go to new folder
Ctrl+D Select None
Ctrl+F Find file
Ctrl+M Move selected image(s)
Ctrl+P Print
Ctrl+R Rename selected image
Ctrl+W Fit window to thumbnails
Ctrl+Y Copy selected image(s)
Ctrl+Del Delete selected image(s)
Alt+F3 Find file
F3 Repeat Find
F5 Update Thumbnails
Ctrl+F5 Refresh Tree
*(on numeric keypad)
Shift+Tab Next pane
F6 Next pane
Shift+F6 Previous pane
Shift+I Image Information
Alt+Enter Image Information
Enter Open selected image(s)
Shift+A Full Screen Edit

Loading the Brushes into Paint Shop Pro 8 and Higher

  1. Unzip the brushes to the folder of your choice.
  2. Choose File > Import > Custom Brush to open the Import Custom Brush dialog.
  3. Click the Open button to open the Open dialog, select the brush file that you want to import, and then click the Open button.
  4. In the Import Custom Brush dialog, select the custom brushes that you want to import, and then click the Add button. If you want to import multiple brushes, click the Add All button.
  5. Click OK to import the custom brushes.

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