Lesson 7~PSP


Cute tutorial using simple noise filter.




Lesson 6~PSP


Making a simple background. It was fun i was using simple plugins that i’ve never used before..


effects/ plugins/ simple/ pizza slice mirror.
effects/ plugins/ simple/ blintz.
effects/ plugins/ simple/ diamonds.
You can get them here.

Lesson 5~PSP

Lesson 4~PSP

Lesson 3~PSP

Lesson 2~PSP

Lesson 1~PSP

Winni PSP Lesson Group

So yea another reason why i am online so much. I joined an excellent group on yahoo groups. But they send you 25 lessons i think it is. Teaching you how to use basic psp tricks how to add accents and make them pop. But its a really good class, and if your new to paint shop this does help fill in some of the gaps. Any ways i’ll be posting some of my lesson work.

So its called Winni-PSP Lesson Group
Located here

Here’s there group info, come join if you want a new hobbie…

Welcome to Winni’s Psp9 Lessons Group.
Here you will receive lessons for PSP 9.
Lessons are in English, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Swedish and Portuguese.
The lessons include: Frames, tags, backgrounds, side-top-borders and a few others.
You can set your self to special notice so you will not recieve all the groups mail!!!

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