Lesson 3a~Scrapbook


This lesson was creating a simple inner bevel. But it’s nice definitely saving it for future reference! Saved in .Png click on it and save if you want to use.

I thought it came out nice.






Lesson 2a~Scrapbook


This lesson was creating a simple textured paper, using Filter’s Unlimited. Which is another plugin i own but never use all of it’s features.


Effects > filters unlimited > paper textures > filter paper
I=128, L-56 Apply
I thought it came out nice.






Lesson 1a~Scrapbook

The lesson was about adding pictures to a quick page, using rotate.
This was a quick page and was mad easy.


Winni Scrapbooking Lesson Group

Here you will learn everything about scrapbooking and how to create your own layouts in psp.
Lessons will be available in English, Dutch, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Danish and Swedish.
We hope you will enjoy the lessons.
Big hugs Winnifred and Mod Team

Join me.

Lesson 8~Scrapbook

This lesson was working on making your own photo corners, heres mine.


Lesson 7~Scrapbook

This was a quick and easy tut, put it together in 20 minutes max, while watching tv. lol


Lesson 6~Scrapbook

I really liked this one, you were suppose to find your own vacation pictures but i don’t have any anymore, so i used pictures from Vegas. A wonderful vacation spot.


Lesson 5~Scrapbook

I really can’t tell you what i was suppose to do here. It was about finding the correct center of the picture. I did it right couldn’t tell you why or the point, but anyway here ya go.


Lesson 4~Scrapbook

 A really cute template i just had to add all the embellishments over the top, i found a cuter baby picture and used it instead.


Lesson 3~Scrapbook

This one was intresting it took me a while to figure out how to erase just enough of the star to make it look like it was holding the charm. Yes it sounds stupid but it was harder than it looked. But they gave a few extra embellishments to make it to your own taste. I of course used a picture of Tiffany, Shameeka and I at her previous birthday.


This is one i sent Tiffaney a little different but working with the same materials..


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