BSS Blog Train Rules

Blog Train RULES:

These are all the guidelines that are required of a designer joining the blog train.

1. Palette & Planning start on the 20th of the previous month.
2. Sign Ups will open on the 1st and a sign up form will be posted in the BSS blog and BSS Forum.
3. Previews MUST be posted on the 28th of the month to ensure your spot in the train. – if you do not post your preview, you WILL NOT be included in the train!
4. You must join the BSS Train Yahoo Group here.

Portion requirements:

1. Anything goes..
–Free to Use Kits
–Commercial Use Items
–Word Art
–Alpha Sets
–Brush Sets for Paint Shop Pro or PhotoShop (.JBR or .PSPBrush)
–Frame Set

Portion Ideas:
—–A Mini Kit (3-4 papers, 5-6 unique elements),
—–A Full alpha (lower, caps & numbers) separated &; in sheets
—–A Doodle pack: 10 items, all unique
—–A Template pack: 3-4 templates in .PSD format

Blog Train Contribution RULES:
-DOWNLOADS must be active on your blog for FREE for 30days!!!
-DO NOT put them in your shop until the following month!!!
-Blog contributions are to be the FIRST thing you post in your blog post, and title of post must include the MONTH & Blog Train. This is so your readers can easily access your contributions. What you include AFTER your contributions is totally up to you.

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